My MAC Quad: Swatches & Overview

Who loves Mac eyeshadows? Me!!! I can’t resist them, honestly. I thought it would be fun to tell you what is in my Mac quad…just do some quick swatching and share my thoughts. How does that sound?

I’m going to do it either way.


So starting in the bottom left, going clockwise, we have: Naked Lunch, Sable, Mulch and Naked Lunch.


Let’s take a closer look.

First: Naked Lunch (frost). I think it is a beautiful highlight and love the finish of it- a beautiful sheen, I wouldn’t describe it as “frosty”.


All That Glitters (Veluxe Pearl). Another gorgeous shimmer, but it is pretty peachy so it doesn’t go with all looks. Still gorgeous! My favorite way to wear it is to mix it with others.


Sable (Frost). This is probably my top favorite Mac eyeshadow out of my entire collection. I used to compare this to Satin Taupe (in all it’s popularity) but its so. much. better. I love the plum undertone, so flattering.


Finally, Mulch (Velvet). This has my least favorite finish out of all in this quad. It has less pay off and is a bit more powdery, in my opinion. It’s still a gorgeous color if you often use medium-dark browns!

IMG_3165 2

My favorite ways to use this palette?  The first is to put Sable all over my lid and blend it out. It is one of those shades that have so much depth that you can put it all over your lid and have an entire eye look with only one color.

That, or I mix Naked Lunch and All That Glitters, put that on the lid and highlight with Naked Lunch for a very natural look. Both very simple, but hey, that’s me.


Overall, I love this quad and would recommend all four colors. For me, personally, I am thinking about depotting my Soft Brown and replacing Mulch with it simply because I don’t use dark browns regularly. It would be more convenient to have a matte transition color on hand when I travel with this quad.

What are your favorite Mac eyeshadows? Let me know!

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