Currently, I have a toddler who has been complaining about being sick for a while now, but showing no symptoms. The doctor said yesterday he just has a “summer cold” (and a little blinking tick, that should disappear, but is SO nerve-racking for me– anybody been through this?) but then today he’s thrown up twice.


I can’t quite figure out what is up with this kid, but my mother’s intuition has been suspecting something’s got him not feeling his best. I swear, the last time I noticed him blinking a lot was before his first febrile seizure/flu. I don’t know if that even makes sense from a legit medical stand point but I need to figure out what’s going on with this kid, that’s for sure.

Currently, my husband is also going through a lot health-wise. First up, shoulder surgery. I don’t know if he weakened his shoulders after years of lifting heavy, but the first time he was back at our home gym, he was doing a light set on the incline bench (not even a heavy one!) and POP, something happened.


The doctor concurred, he has almost completely torn three tendons and surgery is scheduled. It will be a long recovery which will be tough on him (and hence forth, tough on all of us) since he’s happiest when he can workout (hence, we are all happiest when he can work out) , but we will make it!

Currently, I’m also going through some crazy new “health” changes, TOTALLY different  than both my son and husband. More on me in a few weeks 😉

What am I currently coveting?

All things fall, dammit. I’m such a cliche.



I keep saying I’m not ready for summer to be over (it went by so fast and hubby was gone for so much of it), but when I start buying clothes in maroon and olive, I know I have to admit I am craving fall. I’m ready to pull out some cozy decorations and go to our favorite orchard where we pick apples (but first, U-Pick Peaches in a few weeks!) and comfortably wear my favorite jeans (because, let’s face it, I wear jeans in the hot, hot summer regardless of temperature) with riding boots and my maroon/olive colored shirts on repeat (again with the maroon and olive…).

No pumpkin spiced lattes for me, although I’m basic as shit too.

Speaking of cozy decorations, I’m also currently obsessed with the thought of really decorating our house. I say “really” because this has been a project of mine since I moved in 5 years ago and nothing has really happened, but recently, I made a big step.

I bought throw pillows.


Our bedroom was just painted white (and basically the whole house is following suit too- all white everything) and I need to add a few finishing touches to make it feel like a bedroom that actually belongs to real people with personalities and styles, not just a plain, uninhabited guest room. For my birthday, I’ve asked for a CHAIR for the bedroom.

Boring stuff excites me now that I’m old.

Currently also loving a few bloggers: Candice and Katie with Whole Health Hacks run a pretty awesome blog and are way more consistent with sharing healthy recipes than I ever am despite the goal I set and re-set each month to post more recipes 😛

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 5.19.34 PM

Also obsessed with Baby Sideburns. Follow her for a laugh and if you love people who don’t pretend to be perfect moms on social media.

That’s about all that’s currently on my mind! Let’s talk in a few days. Maybe with a new recipe? HA! That’s a good one, Sarah.


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