Game Day Workout Challenge | Fit Friday

Alright, if you have read my last few posts, you know I’m excited for fall and football. The two go hand in hand. And guess what, last night football started!

Yes, my second favorite team, the Panthers, lost (barely, dammit) but that’s ok. 

So, in honor of Fit Friday, fall and football (accidental alliteration), I came up with a little Game Day Workout Challenge. A great challenge to do in between sips of beer. I kid, I kid. Maybe do this challenge during the first game of the day and save the beer for the next game.

It’s all about moderation right?

To be honest unless it’s a team I really care about or a game that’s particularly interesting, my favorite way to watch football is to, well, listen to it. Almost like background noise… while I clean with the windows open and cook yummy football-y food. This workout challenge will definitely challenge me to really sit down and pay attention to the game! Still, I’ll be getting out some of my restless energy this way, right? 🙂

So, bookmark this page, screenshot this image, and get ready for Sunday!

game day workout challenge .jpg

I want to hear from you!

What’s your favorite team? 

How do you like to watch football?

P.S. Go Ravens 🙂





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