Shiseido Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask (fail.) | Monday Makeover

I was putting off this review for a while now because it’s, unfortunately, a negative one and those aren’t that fun to do. I feel like such a negative nancy! That being said, I still wanted to share my feelings on it because it’s not a cheap product. Since it is sadly a fail (I am seriously sad about this one) I will make it quick. Plus. it’s not all bad!


I’m talking about Shiseido’s Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask. It claims to be like a “full night’s sleep in a jar.” The Vitamin E and C are supposed to make your skin look brighter and more radiant. “The non-greasy, non-sticky formula leaves skin feeling dewy and hydrated, while a gentle violet fragrance generates relaxation to prepare you for a pleasant sleep.”

Um, yes please! All of my other masks are for acne/exfoliation and are definitely not moisturizing.


My thoughts:

– The smell is lovely. It’s literally the best smelling product I have. If I could choose to smell like anything it would be this.

– It is a gel that leaves your skin feeling a bit wet. It dries and I feel like it stays on. Maybe not “overnight” but ok.

– The first few times I used it my skin felt nourished. I mostly felt the effects soon after it dried and for a few hours after. I didn’t notice a dramatic in my skin or the moisture level the next morning but definitely no dryness

– The fourth time I used it I broke out in bumps all over my skin. There was nothing else that could have caused it. I had only used two other very gentle products that I’ve used for years. I also know it was this because it was the only thing that I put all the way down my neck where I also had bumps. The bumps took a while to go away and the texture of my skin looked terrible.


The verdict:

I blame the amazing fragrance that I loved so much about this product 😦 Sometimes those added fragrances just aren’t worth it.

I have sensitive skin and am allergic to a lot of things. Therefore it’s a no-go for me, obviously! If you don’t have sensitive skin or allergies I would suggest you try to get a sample because the initial results I had were nice. It might be worth a shot because I haven’t heard of anyone else having the same reaction!

That being said, it is a fairly pricey product at $40.00 (you do get a good amount of product though) for something that didn’t do anything dramatic for my skin.


Despite this recent fail for me I have pretty much nailed down my skincare routine recently! I want to share soon, but am thinking about doing it in video format, what do you think?

What are your skincare favs?

Have you tried this product? Did you have good results?



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  1. Oh no! That’s a bummer it gave you a rash! I love hope in a jar for my moisturizer. My favorite make up remover is just good old coconut oil!

    1. Sarah Mears says:

      I got a reaction to the Purity Cleanser (oddly enough, everyone says its so gentle!) so now I’m scared of Philosophy which is a shame because I hear it’s so good! Yes, coconut oil is the besstttt. I love using it for that too!

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