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I’ve been excited about Brittany Suell’s new Simply Sugar Free Cookbook ever since I heard about it a few weeks ago. Hence, why I’m so excited to share a sneak peak of one of her recipes that you will be able to find in her cookbook that just came out!

If you have any sugar-free recipes of your own, be sure to share with me too!

Did you know that the average American breakfast can have anywhere from 10-55grams of sugar or artificial sweeteners in it?

Think about what you normally have for breakfast:

  • cereal and milk
  • muffin
  • pop tarts
  • donuts
  • granola bar
  • coffee shop pastries
  • caramel latte

Here’s the deal. When we start our day off with that much sugar, we are setting ourselves up for a crash later! Literally, we eat a breakfast that contains lots of carbs and sugars, which gives us a kick start of energy, but that doesn’t last long. There’s little to no nutrients in some of the items listed above, which means there’s nothing there to fuel our body long term. Instead, we are running off of the sugar, until we burn that off, and hit a crash which is where our body says…”Hey, I need more sugar so I can keep going throughout the day!”

And that’s how we get into the addictive sugar cycle.

It’s not totally our fault though. The food industry has created these foods. Marketing them as great ways to start your morning. And don’t think for one second they don’t know what they are doing. They are educated and aware of the fact that sugar is highly addictive. That’s why it’s in so many items. They know that you will come back for more because your body will want it!


We choose foods that contain good sources of protein and healthy fats. These items give our body fuel to slowly burn off, plus they create that feeling of satiety, which means we are staying full longer.

Some of my favorite things to have for breakfast are a full of nutrition protein shake, or an egg scramble with lots of veggies added in. Let’s admit it though, many times we are barely getting out the door on time, and that’s without feeding ourselves or the kiddos breakfast. That’s part of the problem isn’t it? Those items listed above are all quick and easy! Grab-n-go is ideal for our busy lifestyle, especially when it comes to morning time.

That’s why I’ve added this amazing Oatmeal Pie Recipe to my Simply Sugar Free Cookbook that is on sale for pre-order right now. Full of 30+ recipes that are Sugar Free and delicious! My goal is to provide people with recipes that will make the idea of living a sustainable sugar free lifestyle a reality!


This month only you can pre-order my book at a reduced price and get it delivered before Christmas! 

Not only does The Simply Sugar Free Cookbook feature some yummy sugar free recipes that you and the family will love, but I also share my own sugar free journey with you. Starting with my decision to challenge myself to a year without sugar, and what eventually drove me to create a lifestyle of living sugar free, and teaching others to do the same.

Grab your copy of The Simply Sugar Free Cookbook HERE, and get access to these amazing sugar free recipes to try just in time for the holidays! 

So let’s talk about how to make your morning routine less stressful, lower your sugar intake, and still enjoy a tasty, yet healthy breakfast on-the-go! How about a sneak peek to the Oatmeal Pies that are in my cookbook!

Try these and let me know what you think! Be sure to tag me on Instagram when you share a selfie stuffing your face on the way to work while you are loving these Oatmeal Pies! Use @BrittanySuell #SimplySugarFree


Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 3.45.03 PM.pngEnjoy!

-Brittany Suell

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-3-45-33-pm Hi, I’m Brittany. I am a wife to an amazing God-fearing man who has encouraged and pushed me along in my journey to create this Sugar Free Life for my family. I lead a busy life as a mamma to a brave little boy and joyful baby girl.  Born and raised in Texas, I love the outdoors, raising chickens, and going home to East Texas never gets old. I am a fitness professional, creator of the 21 Day Sugar Free Academy, and author of The Simply Sugar Free Cookbook. I offer in person yoga instruction, group fitness classes, and online fitness boot camps.  I love coffee, traveling, the small adventures of life, and there is no dream too big for me.  I am passionate about helping others live the life they are created to live! Watching my clients learn they can do more than they ever thought possible is truly fulfilling to me! I fully believe the Lord created each of us with a unique destiny and no matter how big or small your role looks in the eye of man, you were made for more!!!  I love inspiring and helping others live in the fullness of their identity as well as offering simple solutions to live the healthy and fit life that they desire and deserve. I believe that when you are taking care of yourself and your health, you are happier and able to live your best life!

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