Work Off That Turkey, 15 Minute Post-Thanksgiving AMRAP | Fit Friday

Thanksgiving is over. If you’re not out being TOTALLY, FREAKING INSANE going after those Black Friday sales (actually, is it all over by now? Black Friday is turning into Black-Right-After-Thanksgiving-Dinner), you’re probably sitting in your sweats, still in a coma from the meal you had yesterday while contemplating if you should eat the leftovers you have in the fridge.

Side note: you totally should.

But before you eat those leftovers, get your blood pumping with a quick 15-Minute AMRAP workout. I promise you’ll feel better afterwards- probably not during, but afterwards.

I say “quick” but it’s definitely not easy. When I think of the best Post-Thanksgiving workout, I think AMRAP, or “as many rounds as possible”. It’s the quickest way to get some INSANE cardio in and you’re basically guaranteed to also be sore the next day. Unless you’re already some sort of crossfit wizard.  🙂

Basically, it’ll definitely make you feel less guilty about getting seconds.

Or thirds, no judgement.

For this workout, you will need dumbbells or a barbell. If you’re in the gym, use a barbell for the thrusters, but if you’re at home dumbbells can work just as well! You will also need something to jump on for the box jumps. If you’re at the gym, there should be boxes available, if you’re at home use a sturdy stool.


Not up on all of the crossfit lingo? I get it. Here’s how to do the moves in case you aren’t sure:

Would you like to see more AMRAP workouts from me? Let me know, I’d be happy to!

And if you have any favorite AMRAP workouts you do, please share!

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