Life Update | #gymmakeup & Deer Meat?

So much going on recently! Thanksgiving was on Thursday…. so that happened. And as quickly as you can clear your plate, it’s onto thinking about Christmas what with all of the Black Friday chaos.

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 2.45.11 PM.png

I’m a lucky girl and my husband gave me the greatest Christmas gift of all- being allowed to have my Christmas present early. We found Tommy Hilfiger boots that were well over 50% off and they were black/brown, which I’ve been looking for forever and…. and this is the important part….they fit my wide calves. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 2.45.52 PM.png

Quick pregnancy update: all is going well, it seems! I’m measuring where I should be and the heartbeat is good and that’s about all I’ve got for you! That mid-late pregnancy discomfort is definitely setting in though… I have so much more anxiety this time around, realizing all that could go wrong in a pregnancy, but it seems that everything is okay so I need to relax a bit. Next week I’m going to be talking about how being pregnant has changed my workouts (cough, crossfit and powerlifting) so stay tuned for that!

One more note before I shut up and let you watch the video.


If you haven’t heard from my incessant nagging already, I have a giveaway going but it is ending TODAY at midnight! You can win Korres, Gymshark and Kodiak Cakes so go enter before it’s too late! I just ask you to follow me on Facebook and Instagram, so it’s really not that hard 😉

Sponsored completely by me because I just want to give you guys something!

Alright, alright. Onto the vlog. I love filming these every so often. If you like them too, go subscribe on Youtube so I know to make more!

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