Kids Gifts You Won’t Hate | A Holiday Gift Guide For Real Moms

I had originally penciled my gift guides onto my calendar a bit later in the year. Telling myself, stop it, Sarah! You don’t need to get too ahead of yourself, it’s still so early! But I can’t stop the post-Thanksgiving insanity. I am pretty sure that we all are doing quite a bit of Christmas and holiday shopping already, so I gave in. It’s time to post these babies.

I have already shared my gift guide for the Fitness Lover in your life and on Monday you can expect a Beauty Lover’s Gift Guide, but today’s post is for all the mommy’s out there. Okay, and daddy’s. Today, we’re talking…

Kids Gifts YOU Won’t Hate.

Because, let’s face it you have to live with it too. Unless you’re Grandma.

Thanks again, mom, for the recorder. We love it. 

I’m talking gifts where the pieces won’t be lost after the first time the box is opened. Gifts where clean up (that you will inevitably be doing) won’t be a pain and the toy’s annoyingness-level is kept to a minimum. Gifts that have better odds of keeping your kid occupied for, like, 5 minutes (sorry, no promises there).

I also threw in one or two that have some sneaky educational value, hopefully your kid won’t notice though or all bets are off 😉

I tried to cover a wide range of interests and a little bit of an age range, but felt I had to keep it to my area of “expertise”, if I can call it that, so up to about age 6. 


Products Mentioned

Atari Flashback Classic Video Game Console – They will think this gift is for them, but really it’s for you. So, go ahead and take yourself back to a simpler time.

Doll Teepee – They’ll stay in there for hours. Better yet, let’s keep all their toys in their with them too.

Waba Fun Bubber Clay – Supposed to be the best clay out there. Projects like this that get kids sitting down at the table for some period of time = great.

Magic Cabin Deluxe Art Box – Now this one could get a little messy but my kid is already in the habit of covering the floors with scraps of paper, so it can’t get any worse. Maybe this box will help contain it for a few weeks. I love the easel too.

Magnatiles – Easier to clean up and don’t hurt your feet like those damn legos.

Lego Juniors Supermarket Suitcase – So I just talked crap on legos and now I show you legos. But these are easier to build than most of those ridiculous sets AND comes in a suitcase. Containers = Good. Grocery Store Play = Crack for Kids (don’t ask me why).

My Own Mailbox – When my son snuck up on me while I was creating this list, out of all the toys, THIS is what stuck out to him. I just find it adorable.

Little Tikes My First Flyer – Because when they ask for a drone that you know will break in the first five minutes, you get them this instead…and when this too breaks in the first five minutes you don’t feel so bad.

Kid O A to Z Magnatab – No magnetic letters, chalk or flashcards to lose. As long as you can keep track of the pencil (which does snap in to the board securely- we haven’t lost it) you’re golden! P.S. They have numbers and lowercase letters too.

Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet – Because apparently my kid was the last one in his three year old class to get a tablet….this is cheaper than an iPad, Amazon will replace it, comes with free apps and look at that case.


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