Apple “Doughnuts” (Inspired by Dini Delivers) | What To Eat Wednesday

I first saw this recipe pop up on my Facebook feed on Tastemade. Dini has some guts, man. I don’t think I could be on one of those websites, as cool as they are, people are brutal! Some people might be a bit angry about this one because, NO, it’s not actually doughnuts.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 9.59.18 AM.png

That’s the point, people! I love that these are a healthier version of doughnuts. With the peanut butter and chocolate, it’s definitely a treat, but one you can feel good about eating. I personally think it’s an ingenious idea and a winning combination of flavors.

Who doesn’t like peanut butter and chocolate with apples? Go try to find me someone… okay, I’m sure they exist but they’re probably crazy 🙂

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-9-58-36-amI decided I would make Dini’s recipe as is, but being me, I couldn’t help but tinker with it as well to make my own version too.

I made the regular version for my son (and kid of a husband) who can’t get enough of peanut butter. These also had sprinkles because well, kids + sprinkles.

Then I made my own, telling my son he didn’t have to eat the “yucky” ones with nuts 😉



The changes I made to Dini’s recipe are:

  1. Instead of peanut butter, I used Justin’s Almond Butter.
  2. I topped it with chopped walnuts instead of sprinkles.

Here’s a link to Dini’s original recipe, but if you’d rather watch her make it, you’re in luck!

Our Verdict: Well, I made a bit more of a mess than Dini did and they’re not quite as pretty as hers. Don’t expect them to look perfect. I was covered in chocolate by the end (as was my son and husband who “helped”), but I don’t mind. The taste is what matters. And the taste is GREAT. 

My version does lack that quintessential peanut butter and chocolate combo, the almond butter is more subtle, but I think I like the almond butter/walnut version a little better personally. Either way, both are amazing tasting and totally work as “doughnuts” with a crunchy chocolate shell and sweet, tart apple inside. I can’t encourage you enough to try them!


What do you think? Would you like this “healthier” version of a treat to trick your belly or would you just go all out and eat a doughnut? I actually think I like them better than doughnuts!

If you have any healthy versions of desserts, share them with me!


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