Revlon Black Cherry Lipstick (Review & Swatch) | Monday Makeover

Full disclosure: I was planning on posting about my current skincare routine for way too long now. I’m pregnant though, so I’ve recently had to pair down my skincare and be more careful about what I’m using. I started writing about my current pregnancy skincare routine but it’s so damn controversial, I just scrapped it! There are so many different opinions on what is and isn’t okay and the ingredients on skincare are so hard to decipher. I love skincare, but will just have to wait until after I have the baby to talk about it. It felt too risky.

Moving on to an equally fun topic. Lipstick.

Today I’m talking about a drugstore classic and cult favorite: Revlon’s Black Cherry Lipstick.


There’s a reason it has remained so popular. If you’re a makeup lover, you need this lipstick. The color is what makes it so great. It’s an amazing “black cherry” shade (great description, I know, but I really think it’s spot on) that you need for fall and winter.

If you aren’t makeup obsessed (to my fitness readers out there), that’s okay, you still need this as your one fall and winter go-to because it can act as a natural, berry stain or be worn, full on as a dark, vampy red for special occasions.


I wear it three different ways.

My favorite way to wear it is as a lip stain of sorts. Since it is so dark, you can simply apply it, let is sit for a minute or two and wipe it off. It will leave a beautiful, berry stain that you can wear on a daily basis with none of the backlash dark lipsticks have on eating, drinking and general smudging.

Excuse the chapped lips!

I also wear it, ya know, regularly. One layer of this baby and its a beautiful raspberry shade.

You can also layer it up to make it a bit darker, blackened red for a full on vampy lip if you’re feeling frisky. As it wears off, you get that pretty stain that still looks pretty.


Basically, this lipstick is just great. The color is amazing, the drugstore accessibility and price can’t be beat and the creamy formula works well. Nothing fancy, but the color makes it a really special, drugstore lipstick choice.

What fall and winter lip products do I need to try?



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