PJ Mask Themed Workout Game | Fit Friday

This one goes out to all the moms out there.

The moms and dads.

Stuck in the house with their kids, watching the living room floor get covered by toys five minutes after you cleaned it.

The moms and dads coming up the stairs to find your son has drawn with permanent marker on his bedroom door- I speak from experience.

The ones who just finished setting your kids up with an arts and crafts project only for them to be bored in 30 seconds (while still managing to get paint on the floor, table and ceiling (?) in those 30 seconds).

This one is for the moms who have finally given in and put on those obnoxious cartoons just to get a quiet 30 minutes.

We all know those cartoons, whether your kid is a Bubble Guppies fiend or a (gasp) Caillou fan – that little shit. They’re all the same, we know them by heart. The same overall theme happens in every episode. You can guess every single thing that is going to happen and, guess what, in the end they always learn a valuable lesson!

Today, go ahead and put on an episode of PJ Mask. I know you know it too. It’s a rather new show that gained popularity very quickly. This last Halloween every other kid was either Owelette, Catboy or Gecko and you could tell the parents who had toddler aged kids because everyone else had no clue who they were dressed as.

Oh, we know who it is.

Today’s themed workouts is for the parent who wants to squeeze in a quick workout while their kid zones out to little kids who turn into superheroes when they put their pajamas on.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

PJ Mask.jpg

What themed workout should I do next? I’m thinking Big Bang Theory, but what else?!

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