Clinique Honey Sweet Pot & Almost Lipstick (Review) | Monday Makeover

Spoiler alert: I am so in love with these products that I don’t even know where to start!

Basically, I ordered the Clinique “Honey, Honey Lip Set” from Sephora. It’s currently still available, and ON SALE(!), but if the kit is no longer available, don’t worry. These products are part of Clinique’s regular line.


The set comes with two Almost Lipsticks in Black Honey and Pink Honey along with two Sweet Pots in Black Honey and Pink Honey.

Here’s what Sephora says it does, “features Black Honey and Pink Honey lipstick—cult-favorites that anyone can wear and that looks different on everyone. The Almost Lipstick and the Clinique Sweet Pots™ Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm lets you treat lips to an exfoliating scrub and then soothe them with the balm.”


Let’s start with the Almost Lipsticks. I bought the Almost Lipstick in Black Honey years ago and loved it. I loved that it did look different on everyone (as they said above) because it just deepens your natural lip color with a sheer, darker tint.


The Almost Lipsticks are just what they sound like, almost lipsticks, but not quite. They’re very sheer, shiny and feel amazing on the lips. You can’t expect long wear time, but if you are looking for a flattering, wearable, lip tint, this is a great product for you!

When I first swatched the two I thought, “oh, I definitely like the Black Honey shade better,” that being said, I quickly fell in love with both! Yes, the Black Honey is more unique because it is such a dark looking, almost black lipstick that just tints your lips a darker shade which is so cool! That being said, the Pink Honey shade is gorgeous too! It’s a super wearable, sheer, pretty pinky-rose. It doesn’t look overly pink, just what I would call “my lips but pinker”.

Black Honey
Pink Honey

As for the Sweet Pots, I had never heard of them before and now I’m obsessed! One half contains a lip scrub and the other side contains a tinted lip balm. Compared to the Almost Lipsticks, the lip balm is less pigmented (not necessarily a bad thing), the color fades faster, and it’s more moisturizing and easier to throw on whenever (if you need easier than the Almost Lipsticks, which are pretty easy).

Pink Honey
Black Honey

I like both the Almost Lipsticks and the lip balms equally. The colors are still the same gorgeous sheer pink and sheer black honey shades.

The lip scrub is not the most exfoliating lip scrub I’ve had. I think it’s mostly because of the format, I don’t want to dig my finger in and slather the skin around my lips in a tinted scrub. That being said, they did do the job and surpassed my expectations. I’m very pleased with the scrub because I like having it on hand whenever! It has made me exfoliate my lips more often. I love having the Sweet Pots on hand, pulling it out, quickly using the scrub, then applying the balm. Definitely a lip product you want before doing some kissing if there was any! 😉

Pink Honey (lip balm on left, scrub on right)
Black Honey (lip balm on left, scrub on right)

I am honestly completely in love with all of these products. If you want something a little bit more dramatic, get the Almost Lipsticks. If you like the handiness and practicality of the Sweet Pots, try those. Or, try both of them!

I recommend both shades and while I’m so happy I have the Pink Honey now, if I were forced to pick one, I’d pick Black Honey. But once again…. if you can swing it, try them both 🙂

This post so sounds sponsored or like I was sent these for review, but nope! I just really like these babies 😛

What kind of products would you like to see me review more of?
What are your favorite, wearable lip products? 


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