Top 3 Chest Workouts | Fit Friday

I’ll just go ahead and throw this out there from the get go: obviously, bench press is my absolute favorite chest workout.

That’s a given! It wasn’t always that way, I must admit. It was my least favorite out of the “Big 3” and now I think I like it better than squats- can’t beat deadlifts, though! I started loving bench press when my form got better. Once it felt more natural and smooth, my bench started getting stronger and I really began to love it!

Plus, it made me feel like a badass 🙂

Today, though, we are going to talk about supplemental workouts that are great to do for your chest along side bench press. These are my favorites that I feel really target the area and have helped my bench improve.

1. Lying & Incline Dumbbell Flyes 

No matter how often I do these, flyes ALWAYS kill me. I can go with a pretty low weight to maintain control and still feel it. I love it! I like doing both lying and incline to target different parts of the chest- incline targets the upper chest more.

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 11.23.24 AM.png

Here’s a video showing you how to do lying and incline.

2. Around the Worlds

This is a new one I came across from Whitney Simmons and was intrigued. Turns out, I really like them! Definitely a great addition to my chest day because sometimes I get sick of that same old pushing movement that you do on chest day with slight variations- with dumbbells, with a barbell, at an incline, at a decline… this is a nice change of pace.

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 11.06.35 AM.png
Whitney Simmons

Are you thinking, what the hell is Around the World? Here’s how to do it!

3. Wide Grip Incline Push Ups 

With push ups, the wider your grip, the more it targets your chest. In general, I love alternating between a variety of grips during sets. I like using a Smith Machine to, honestly, make it a bit easier on me because I’m not an expert at push ups yet. I can do more sets and reps this way. I also think it’s fun to start at a higher incline and lower the Smith Machine bar with each set, increasing the difficulty as I go.

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 9.15.01 AM.png

And once again, a video that explains this to you much better than I ever could 🙂

What are your favorite chest workouts? If you’re a powerlifter, is bench your favorite?
If you’re a female, non-powerlifter, do you ever really focus on chest or just skip chest day all together?

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