Full Body Pregnancy Workout | Fit Friday

Haven’t you heard? I’m pregnant! 😛

I feel like I’ve been talking about it way too much here. I didn’t mean to share so many posts that revolved around pregnancy, but I couldn’t help it! It just happened that way. I hope those non-pregnant readers out there don’t mind too much.

I did want to share one quick full-body pregnancy workout here on the blog. I recently shared how my pregnancy changed my workout in regards to powerlifting and crossfit, but also thought I’d go ahead and share this specific workout that I’ve been loving lately!


It’s totally doable, even at nearly 34 weeks pregnant. That being said, consult with your doctor and of course, your workout ability throughout pregnancy will depend greatly on your pre-pregnancy fitness routine.

A few things I keep in mind while lifting in my third trimester are back and core support, maintaining balance and of course being hyper-aware of anything that just doesn’t feel right.


You will see that I included squats, but on the Smith Machine to help maintain your balance. You don’t even have to add any weights if you aren’t able to. Bend as low as you are able, don’t worry if your squats don’t look quite as good as they used to. Them bellies get in the way!

I also chose upper body workouts that you can perform while seated. When in doubt, sitting can help avoid extra strain on your core, keep you balanced and support your back. Once again, if anything doesn’t feel right, just stop.

pregnancy workout.jpg

The Routine:

  • Do your 10 minute warm up.
  • Perform three sets of each exercise, 8-15 reps each depending on how you’re feeling- listen to your body!
  • Finish up with your 15 minute walk.

Don’t know how to do any of the exercises? No worries! As always, I linked everything below 🙂

Links: smith machine squatsleg extension machinehamstring curl machineseated cable rear delt flyesseated overhead presstricep extensions, seated hammer curls

If you’ve been pregnant, what were your go-to workouts? Also, any tips on post-baby workouts/recovering, leave them below!

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