Is Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Worth The Hype? | Monday Makeover

If you’re into makeup at all, whether you follow beauty blogs, follow those big time makeup Instagrammers, watch Youtube videos, or all three (cough, me…), you have heard of Tarte’s new concealer.

It’s literally EVERYONES favorite concealer of 2016.

And this is probably going to be one of the only mixed/slightly negative reviews you will find out there of this concealer.


Tarte Shape Tape concealer is said to be “a vegan friendly, creamy concealer for radiant coverage and contouring. ” 

I don’t really care to contour with concealer, but I guess that is where the name came from. You definitely could contour with this because… and I can’t believe I am going to say this about a concealer as a semi-negative comment but…

It’s almost TOO full coverage.


Let me start from the beginning, because there are a lot of great things about this concealer.

  • I love the finish. It’s a natural matte finish, definitely not dewy.
  • You will likely not have to set it with a powder, unless you are very oily. Anytime I don’t have to double up on products, I’m happy.
  • It will be great for summer.
  • The applicator feels nice, picks up plenty of product and is nice and big.
  • It has great full coverage and you only need a little bit of product to get this kind of coverage…

Which leads me to my issue with applying it:

I see people applying stripe after stripe of this stuff under their eyes and I think “how do you even blend that out, your entire face is covered with product, where is there to blend it out to?”


Now, if you’re looking for a full coverage concealer, you’re probably going to love this. I definitely do want that from my concealer because I love to use concealer only where I need it and leave the rest of my face fresh, but it is just so easy to use too much of this concealer that my face ends up looking washed out and I definitely need to add color back onto my skin. Not a problem on days I am going to do full-on makeup anyways, but it is a problem on my low-maintenance days.

One dot under your eyes is plenty! Don’t go overboard, the coverage is insane. I do love the coverage and finish, I just wish it wasn’t so easy to use too much.


I sometimes wish I could just apply this and go, but I have to take time to blend, then add color back in, so it is more of a concealer I save for full-makeup days.

This feels like such a silly complaint when it comes to concealers. They ARE supposed to cover right? If you want full coverage, you might just love this.

Clearly, I go back and forth on this 😛 I feel like such a complainer!


Have you tried Tarte Shape Tape? Is there anyone else out there who isn’t head over heels for it?
What is your favorite concealer?

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