Double Chocolate Crazy Cake | The Perfect Romantic Valentine’s Day Dessert

I wasn’t necessarily planning on sharing this for my Valentine’s Day recipe, but after I made it, I thought, “nope, this is too perfect for the occasion”. It’s rich and decadent and seems super fancy (but isn’t) and chocolate on chocolate on chocolate is just perfect for a romantic date.

I am not a chocolate lover but I cannot get enough of this, so that says A LOT. I recently told you all about my favorite cake as a kid, which isn’t a cake at all… and definitely was NOT chocolate.

I’m not the prettiest cake decorator, but I think that’s okay.



My Grandpa and mom were both chocolate lovers and at every one of their birthdays we had chocolate cakes with chocolate icing with chocolate ice cream — the WORST kind of chocolate is chocolate ice cream, don’t get me started.

I was so against chocolate that I was perfectly happy to forgo all desserts. My teenage waist thanked me, but everyone else thought I was just plain crazy.

This cake though… even chocolate hating, teenage me would have liked it.


So perfectly messy and fudgey.

For Christmas this year my mom bought me Mark Bittman’s, “How To Bake Everything” after she bought it for my sister for her birthday and I wouldn’t stop telling her how cool it was and how much I adore and use his “How To Cook Everything” book. I have NO idea how she knew to buy this one for me 🙂

This was one of the first recipes in the book that caught my eye. It’s called a “Crazy” Cake because it doesn’t have milk or eggs, which is so crazy. It’s also known as a Depression Cake. Due to the availability of milk and eggs during the depression, they would make this cake instead. Don’t you just love little facts like that!


But back on track, this caught my eye for the blog because it was already dairy-free and I just had to make one simple replacement to make it gluten-free too! The frosting is also gluten-free and dairy-free plus…

…it’s only two ingredients!


And delicious, might I add. You definitely won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything with this cake.

First, the frosting.

frosting recipe card.jpg


crazy cake recipe card.jpg

I doubled the cake recipe and made two 9 inch round cakes. I added a little frosting in between layers, then frosted the entire cake.

All I can think when looking at these photos is “You can do it, Brucey!” from Matilda. Anyone else??
Are you a chocolate fiend? Does this look right up your alley?


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