Countdown to Baby #2 (Excitement, Preparations, etc.)

Alright, alright. My last baby-related post was super depressing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still freaking out about Davy not being the only child anymore, this baby being healthy and adjusting to this new life, but we’re also very excited.

I’ve gotten a lot done recently to prepare for baby, which is so fun. Yay!

Disclaimer: These pics are real. Well, duh, I’m always real on my blog. My house is not covered in Pottery Barn (although I did just buy something from there today…) and I’m not a blogger that pretends my house always looks perfect. These baby preparations are a bit more realistic for the normal person and I hope you appreciate that!

For wardrobe, I was so bad about saving clothes the first time around. I just wasn’t thinking that far ahead. I’ve been doing shopping here or there throughout my pregnancy. My mom has bought some clothes and same with my mother in law, but my BIGGEST jackpot was, of course, Old Navy.


Despite my excitement and constant need to move things in and out of my cart on, I waited (im)patiently until our $50 in Old Navy cash was able to be used. Old Navy always has sales going on and our $50 in cash just so happened to line up with the whole store also being up to 40% off.  I have to pat ourselves on the back because we managed to spend the bare minimum we had to in order to get the maximum of $50 off our purchases, plus all of the discounts the store already had going on. We were getting cute, cute outfits for $3! I think we spent $70 and saved well over $100.

It perfectly finished off our wardrobe and now I finally feel like this baby won’t have to go naked 😉 although he might still be found lounging around in a diaper, but now he won’t have to.

As for the nursery, well we’re kind of waiting to set it up completely. We are probably going to move in the next couple of years and at the moment the room that would be the baby’s is my office/storage. We are going to have the baby sleep in a bassinet in our room for a while anyways, so for a while this room will serve as the nursery/office/still some storage…. although I’m trying to declutter.


In that room we currently have my desk along with his rocker and bouncer, which will also likely move around the house wherever needed. I actually think it works quite well because he can hang out in my office with all of his necessities near by (aka my boobs) and I can work at my desk.

This room also has a dresser with his clothes already washed and folded in it. The closet is mostly used for storage because we are definitely lacking in that in our house at the moment, but there is room to hang some clothes. Who here hangs kids clothes?! Especially baby stuff. I find it such a hassle and almost never necessary!


Then, on the armoire I have these cute little baskets lined up and super, obsessively organized with all of his “other stuff”…wipes, a few toys, diapers, blankets, and first aid/grooming supplies. Who wants to bet how long it takes for those baskets to get unorganized? 🙂

I have plenty of strollers in the garage ready to go, a crib in storage for whenever we’re ready for that (or have more room) and my awesome momma bought us a new car seat which I’m picking up from her this weekend! We picked out the Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat this time around.

As for the bassinet, we went with (well, my husband’s mom so graciously “went with” it) the all too hyped up, Halo Bassinest despite my initial impression that it was unnecessary. I was going to go with another bassinet that wasn’t as expensive, but in all honesty most other bassinets are not that much cheaper and this one allows for the baby the be up to 5 lbs heavier than quite a few others, which is important to me. If I’m going to buy it, he better be able to use it for longer!


I know baby hasn’t been in the bassinet yet, but so far I’m really impressed. It swivels easily, but is super sturdy. The bottom is actually very heavy, not something you will be moving often, and slip proof. No crazy toddler is going to knock this over, which was a worry of mine.

I think a lot of diaper bags are silly and unnecessary but I did bite the bullet and buy one. I have no clue what I used for Davy or where it is. This one is a bit smaller than others and, while definitely not cheap, it could definitely have been more expensive. I didn’t think I needed anything bigger. I mean a million pockets sounds great for first time moms, but in reality no matter how many pockets this thing has it’s going to get disorganized after a day out with two kids. At least mine will. Anyways, I haven’t said what I bought. It’s the Skip Hop Special Edition Duo Diaper Bag. When my husband sees the black and white bag he will roll his eyes. I don’t buy colorful anything.


As for a baby name? Well, that’s a secret for now 🙂 I have three options in my mind, but there is definitely a top favorite which he will likely be named. I still might wait until I hold the little guy in my arms to decide.

I’m also getting ready to pack our hospital bags. I’m being pretty realistic with my own bag. I don’t need much. Just my basic toiletries and a few of my most comfortable outfits. I will bring a little makeup because I’ll be having a C-Section and will stay in the hospital a few days. Last time, it was nice to have a few pictures where I don’t look totally dead which my sister took of us in the hospital a couple days after he was born.

This time, though, I have to plan Davy’s “go bag” too. He will be with his Mommom who has nearly everything she needs for him already, but I will make sure he has some changes of clothes and a few comfort items since he might be scared too. I’m actually being a totally Pinteresty mom and making him a “Big Brother Gift” for the day of. I plan to have his Mommom give it to him while I’m in the hospital and he can bring it with him when he visits. I’m going with a few big brother books for him to read while he’s waiting, a badge/button to wear that says “I’m The Big Brother” and this VTech Kidizoom Camera for him to use to take pictures of him and his brother.

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 5.43.54 PM.png

I’m definitely ready for the 5 weeks of maternity leave. I work from home, so I’m not taking any of my unpaid leave time. It will definitely be a big adjustment, but I can’t wait to go on walks with the new baby in his stroller, see him with his big brother, and learn to do little things that you wouldn’t think of, like managing the morning chaos and preschool drop offs with an infant on board.

We’re less than three weeks away now! T-Minus 19 days to be exact. Unless, this kid comes  early. Eek!! Praying this boy will be healthy!

Wish us luck!

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