Big Bang Theory Themed Workout

Who likes Big Bang Theory?! It’s one of those shows I didn’t think I’d get into, but it really is good. People use the excuse, “it’s too smart for me”… no, it’s really not. It’s a silly sitcom, yes, but when I need something light-hearted to put on, it’s perfect!

So as with any show I enjoy watching, I had to make a workout game to go along with it. This one was all too easy to make. Each character has a ‘thing’, especially Sheldon with all of his idiosyncrasies.

big bang theory workout.jpg

I made this one a bit simpler. Instead of putting a specific workout with each rule, I decided it would be easier to just alternate between three workouts: burpees, push-ups and jumping squats.

Simplified, but it’ll definitely still do the trick.

Comment below with your favorite tv show! Maybe I can make a workout game for that show too!

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