The Three Best Tricep Workouts

Alright, screw it. I’m choosing four tricep workouts. I try my best to narrow this list down every time I share it to my absolute three favorite workouts so that you know the best of the best, but why narrow it down further if I know what I like?

I find working biceps super boring. It’s basically the same movement, over and over with slight variations. Triceps on the other hand, I rather enjoy. Yes, it’s still a rather small muscle, but I find I can really feel a strong mind-muscle connection with these tricep workouts.

Lately, I have been loving upper body workouts. Throughout pregnancy, my lower body workouts have been more limited than upper body, so I have been able to vary my upper body workouts more and it feels less boring! I’m sure this will quickly change after I have the baby and get back into the gym, especially since I’ve noticed a decrease in the size of my glutes which I’m usually pretty proud of (haha, I’m shameless), but at the moment I’m taking advantage of my new found love!

So, let’s talk about my favorites.

1. Overhead Dumbbell Extension

This one is such an easy favorite. It’s simple, but effective and I don’t think I’ve worked out triceps in the past year once where I didn’t include this in my workout.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 4.07.18 PM.png
Lainie Hawkins

Hold the dumbbell above your head, with your elbows perpendicular to the ground. Extend your elbows, until straight, only moving your forearms. The rest should be stationary. I like to do this sitting.

2. Tricep Cable Pulldown – Double Rope AttachmentTricep Cable Pulldown – Double Rope Attachment

I love using cables for my biceps and triceps, especially triceps. This is probably my top favorite cable exercise for triceps, although I regularly do quite a few. I really am able to get a good squeeze in the triceps doing this one.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 4.06.32 PM.png
Sarah Rose Kaiser

Holding the ends of the rope in each of your hands, start with your elbows perpendicular to the floor. Extend your forearms (keeping your upper arms stationary) down to your thighs and squeezeeee for a second.

3. Skullcrushers

One of the first tricep exercises my husband taught me when I really started lifting weights and I really have enjoyed it since. I have a strong mind-muscle connection with this one (aka I’m really able to contract and feel it in my triceps) and love doing it until failure. I sometimes go in with a lighter weight and do 20-30 reps at the end of my workout.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 4.05.47 PM.png
Donna McGinn

Lay on a bench with a close grid on the EZ-Curl bar. Lift your arms above your head so they’re perpendicular to the floor. Keep your upper arms stationary (notice a trend with tricep exercises?) and bend your elbows until the bar is right near your forehead, or “crushing” your skull 🙂

4. Assisted Dips

This is a bit of a “boring” classic, but I had to include it because it’s just SO effective and SO painful, haha. But it’s also so fun to see improvement on. It’s nice because anybody can do them as you use the machine for assistance, lowering the weight slowly until you need no assistance, then you can rejoice and brag to everyone you see at the gym.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 4.04.52 PM.png

Climb onto the assisted pull up/dip machine. Select the weight you would like. The higher the weight, the more assistance you are getting. Grab onto the bars by your hips with your arms straight to your sides and kneel on the assistance step. Bend at the elbows as you lower yourself, then push yourself back up until your arms are straight and repeat.

What are your favorite tricep workouts?
Do you like working out your upper body or are you a lower body girl?


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