Healthy Loaded Sweet Potatoes | Perfect Preworkout Meal for Lifters

Let’s face it. We’ve all done it. Walked into the gym one of two ways: hopped up on too much caffeine on an empty stomach or sluggish and stuffed because we just overate.

We don’t want that. Neither of those scenarios go over so well, especially when you’re lifting heavy weights. In order to lift at our best, we need to be properly fueled to perform, but of course not overstuffed. Before your workout, it’s recommended to eat some form of complex carbs along with a good source of protein. Try not to overdo it on fat and eat your pre-workout meal 1-3 hours before going to the gym- whatever timing works best for your body so that you digest and feel ready to move.


That’s a nice concept and all, but putting something we know is right into action can sometimes be easier said than done. We don’t always have time to make the perfect meal before we get to the gym, do we? We need something easy, quick and preferably tasty…because nobody should feel like they need to eat chicken, rice and broccoli every day.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 3.42.00 PM.png

This meal is perfect because not only do you get in a good source of carbs and protein, but you can also prep most of these components ahead of time. Bake your sweet potatoes and brown your ground turkey on Sunday or the day before and keep it on hand for whenever you’re ready to warm them up. I encourage you to top it off with some fat-free plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, chopped scallions and a little cheddar cheese- it’s a winning combination- but you can really get creative with your toppings. There are so options and add-ons you could try. Whatever your heart desires!

GWPL recipe.jpg


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