Excuse the Brief Hiatus, Baby #2 Has Arrived!

Well, at least he’s supposed to be arriving today. If you didn’t know, I had to have a scheduled C-section this time around, so I scheduled this post ahead of time.

Here’s to hoping mommy (speaking in third person is stupid!) and baby are happy and healthy. I’ll have the hubby Instagram a pic once all is well, so check back in on us there (@stronghungrygirl) if you want an update!

Please excuse me while I take a BRIEF hiatus. Yes, very brief. I will be “off” from blogging for the next week and back on the following! Meanwhile, I’ll be over here changing diapers and re-learning what it’s like to be on a newborn baby’s sleep schedule, but THIS time with a 4 year old in tow.

Wish us luck and thanks for all of your support!

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