WOW: Low Impact, Beginner & Post-Natal (+ My Post-Baby Fitness)

On today’s agenda:

  1. A workout of the week, perfect for beginners and post-baby mamas like me (once approved by doctor, obv).
  2. My own post-natal fitness goals. If you’re interested in hearing my plan, stay tuned after the workout!

So, first up. A workout.

This one is perfect for beginners, those new to the gym, or those who need to do low impact workouts such as women who just had a baby. If you are new to fitness or recovering from having a baby, please consult with your doctor before starting exercising, of course.

You will need a gym (unless you have some cardio machines at home, lucky!), but aside from an elliptical and row machine, you only need dumbbells. A lot of the other exercises are just bodyweight, so you don’t need a ton of equipment. I know this concerns some people who are new to the gym and don’t quite understand all of the machines yet.

And of course, if anything doesn’t feel right, feel free to modify it to fit your abilities!

low impact workout.jpg

Do your 10 minute warm up, then complete each exercise for 3 sets of 10-15 reps each. For the wall sit, do 3 sets for 30 seconds each. Finish the workout off with 10 minutes on the row machine which is a great low impact, yet killer workout!

Here’s how to do each workout: bodyweight squats, bicep curls, bodyweight alternating lunges, shoulder press, wall sits, push ups, lying hip raises, overhead tricep press

As for myself? Well my “goals” have changed.

I hate using the word “goals”, especially so close to having a baby because things always change and whatever goals I do have are definitely long term as I recover, so when I say “goals” I am DEFINITELY using that term pretty loosely today.

Let’s just use the word “plan” instead.

First and foremost, I have to say that this year I have a new plan that will sound strange to anyone who knows me. I am going to run some races. Crazy, I know. I mean I’m not going too overboard with it. I’m starting off with a few 5k’s and I am hoping to work my way up to a 10 miler. The Army 10 Miler in fact.

I think that would be a good one for us to do what with the hubby being in the army and all. DC is not too far from us and I would definitely not want to run more than 10 miles. I see no need for that in my goals.

I’d finish the year off with a 10k Across the Bay Bridge because I really wanted to do that one in 2016, but got pregnant and had trouble keeping up my running.

Here’s the tentative race plan:

  • June 4th: Dewey Color Run 5K (Dewey Beach)
  • July 4th: Red White & Blue 5K & Kiddie K (Rehoboth Beach)
  • August 18th: Running of the Goat 5K (Milford)
  • Oct 1: Taste of Sposato Wine 5k (Milton)
  • Oct 8: Army Ten Miler (DC… eeek?!)
  • Nov ?: Across the Bay 10K (Bay Bridge)

I think giving myself until June to do my first 5k is enough time post-baby. At least I hope so!

Second, I need to lose weight and get my muscle tone back. Obviously I have to wait an appropriate amount of time after my C-section until I am back at 100%, but my nutrition changes are starting now. I have created a meal plan for myself that consists of meal prepped lunches and much more vegetable dense, low carb meals.

At the moment, I am strictly walking with the baby, but will start going to the gym. It will be tough because the gym’s daycare won’t watch baby’s until they are at least 6 months old. That being said, once I get into the swing of things I am looking into hiring a local trainer we know to give me workouts and meal plans. I want my workout split to consist of half bodybuilding, half powerlifting because at this time my goals are equally for looks and for strength. I have not given up my powerlifting goals, but they are on hold while I get my body back to 100% where I can safely lift heavy again AND get my body back to where I want it to be physically.

Long term, I will be shifting to a more strict powerlifting split. I will likely start this towards the end of the year. By the time I feel I will be ready to start training for powerlifting, all of the meets I would want to do around the mid-atlantic area are over. There are plenty of meets in the winter of 2018, so I decided to just focus on my other goals for 2017 which will definitely keep me busy and refocus my training later in 2017 for meets in early 2018.

What are your current fitness goals? Have they evolved from whatever goals (if any) you set at New Years?
Let me know if you try this week’s workout!

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