Workout of the Week: Shoulder Day!

Hi all! I’m going to keep today’s post short and sweet. Feel free to reference last week’s WOW if for some reason you want to read my ramblings about my fitness plans 😉

Today, we’re focusing on shoulders. I definitely feel like this is a muscle group that is often overlooked, especially by females. It is a smaller muscle and not many females, unless they’re bodybuilders (where it’s definitely an important area to work on!), think that they need to tone up their shoulders for their “summer body”.

That being said, it shouldn’t be overlooked completely! Toned shoulders look nice and it is important to work them out for overall health, mobility and strength.

I find it particularly important when working out my shoulders or performing any exercise that will affect my shoulders (OHP in particular for me!), to do some shoulder mobility work and stretches first. Just ask my husband who had major shoulder and bicep surgery just this year and has been unable to workout for over 6 months. Try these stretches!

I thought I was going to make this post short? I’ll stop before I get to rambling…

Be sure to try this out this week!

wow shoulders.jpg

In case you don’t know how to do these, here you go: One Arm Side Lateral Raises, Seated Rear Lateral Raises, Overhead Press, Barbell Rear Delt Row, Dumbbell Front Raises, Face Pulls, Arnold Press

What are your favorite shoulder workouts?
Do you skip shoulder workouts or is it a regular part of your workout split?

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