Playground Workouts | Workout of the Week

Alright ladies! And gents? I hope it’s getting warmer where you are too. Here on the eastern shore, it is BEAUTIFUL. Although the weather is so fickle lately, it’ll probably snow tomorrow.

Unfortunately, today I’m stuck inside, mostly. I can definitely go work from my porch where we have a new pretty pink potted plant hanging, but for the most part I will be stuck inside.

Don’t you hate those days? I’m dying to get out there. That being said, just seeing the sunshine improves my mood greatly! Back in college these were the days where everyone would suddenly be in tiny little sundresses, laying out on the green or, in my case, skipping that last class of the day for a margarita on the porch of our favorite spot. Shhh! 🙂

Nowadays, though, the first thing we do is go to the park. Since it stays light out later we can take Davy to a park to practice riding his bike after school, we start having a hard time getting him inside after being out all day, and we begin preparing (buying a fishing license, etc) to spend every weekend out on the beaches.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 9.51.06 AM.png
crossfit pull ups, for sure

Needless to say, I’m in the mood to talk about some playground workout ideas for you. If you’re like me and spending hours upon hours at the playground right now, you might be ready to throw care to the wind and just bust your ass at the playground too. Who cares if you look silly doing this, haters gonna hate…and not be in shape like you.

This has been done before. I’m not the first to want to do a playground workout, so today I decided to go ahead and do a bit of a round up from around the internet instead.

A few of my favorite exercises you can find in these workouts are:
Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 9.49.04 AM.png
Here are the full workouts I found that you can give a go:
Nerd Fitness Playground Workout
The 5-Move Full-Body Playground Workout
Full-Body Playground Workout
The Playground Workout for Moms at the Park
Playground Workouts for Busy Moms

Are you brave enough to workout at the playground in front of other onlooking moms 😉 Or would you only do this if the playground were empty?

What are your favorite playground or outdoor workouts?

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