3 Self Care Ideas (that help my stress level!)

Hello again!

I was really hoping to get my Lasagna Zucchini Boat recipe up today, but truth be told…. I LOST all my notes on the recipe! I even made it twice more since then, so I could probably do it again by memory and rewrite it all, but I’m still not giving up hope that I can find it in my stack of notepads.

Because honestly, that recipe is hella good. I might… MIGHT even prefer it over regular lasagna aka one of my favorite foods ever.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 4.00.09 PM.png

Lately though, I’ve been trying out less new recipes and instead I have been working on my mental health.

I’ve been researching just how much mental health and lowering your stress levels can aid in weight loss. And fitness goals aside, mental health is just so important in and of itself. Why be physically fit anyways if you’re not happy?

Personally, I’ve developed some anxiety over the past several years and the stress and crazy hormones from having a baby coupled with some other personal obstacles have made me stop and really focus on self care and lowering my stress levels whenever possible.

Today I wanted to share a few tips on self care and stress reduction that I (the non-doctor, non-certified, normal human) am doing. Not only has my mind felt a bit more clear and relaxed and focused since trying these, but it has helped me be able to focus on my physical fitness as well.

This list consists of simple, tangible little things you can easily do to better prepare for a healthy day, relax and de-stress, or simply better care for yourself.

No miracles here, just easy ideas.

In case you didn’t get it from my note above, I’m no expert. I’m no doctor. I definitely recommend seeing one if you have any questions about anxiety, mental health or weight loss. Again, these are just little improvements I’ve made to my daily life that have helped make me happier.

1. “Shavasa” 

Funny story, when I was younger my mom started doing yoga. One night, she came home and asked my sister and I if we wanted to do “shavasa” before bed. It quickly became a tradition, mostly because I’m obsessed with massages and as my mom would say “think about your back”, “think about your shoulder”, I would make her give me a massage. Not technically how you do it, but it still relaxed me.

Years later, my mom, no longer a yoga “newb” admitted to us that it is actually pronounced “shavasana”. I have no idea when she learned the correct word and decided not to change our tradition, but as an adult I still refuse to call it anything but “shavasa”. Anywhoo, try it! I just do it laying in bed when I can’t shut off my mind. It truly helps my whole body feel relaxed and I dare you to see if you can even stay awake long enough to scan through your entire body. 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 2.34.32 PM


2. Sleep seriously matters (& magnesium seriously helps). 

All you need to do to remind you of the importance of sleep is to have a baby (nbd) and see how long it takes for you to have a break down. Yeah, sleep is important. Get into a night time routine (preferably one where you put down your phone early, but I can’t vouch for that one yet…) so that you not only get to bed at a decent time, but when you do go to lay down your mind already knows from the cues of your routine that it’s time to shut off.

My absolutely favorite thing ever- ok that’s an exaggeration, but I do love it…. is my magnesium supplement. Magnesium is said to be one of the nutrients people are most deficient in. It also helps relieve stress, sleep and… keeps you regular. Specifically, I take Natural Calm’s Raspberry-Lemon magnesium drink because it’s delicious and, honestly, after I drink it my body feels totally relaxed.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 2.35.41 PM.png

3. Put on a face mask. 

No, I don’t think that putting on a face mask and having a spa night will cure your anxiety, but it is a little thing you can do for some self-care. For me, what helps me most is a routine. In this case, a skin care routine. Or a hair care routine…. or hygiene in general. I know that we so often put ourselves last and we always get the last shower after everyone else is relaxed and in PJ’s, if we get one at all! 🙂

When I get into a good skin and hair care routine, I feel good about myself, relaxed, clean and more ready for the day (or night). Like I said, simple, tangible ideas…


I’ve been doing other things like taking my vitamins (doesn’t that just make you feel like you’ve conquered the day when you remember your vitamins?), making sure I have a good breakfast and my lunches prepped (helps me feel good and stress less), and deep breathing (nothing serious, just on the go, whenever I need to stop and take a breath), but the three tips above have helped me most and make me feel like I’m really caring about myself despite them being so simple and seemingly obvious.

What do you like to do for “self-care”? Do you have any great tips on coping with stress?

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