At Home Glute Burner | November Workout of the Month

I recently got resistance bands (these are the ones I got if you’re wondering) and not only do I ALWAYS bring them to the gym, but I also randomly grab them and squeeze in a quick glute workout at home, because WHY WOULD I NOT?

I know I have been pretty sporadic with posts in recent months, but what can you expect from me for the next few months? Well…

  1. monthly workouts
  2. along with the most exciting thing…..monthly workout challenges!
  3. more recipes (goal is once a week, but I jinx myself whenever I set a recipe goal)
  4. and well… OBVIOUSLY some gift guides because #CHRISTMAS!!!

So for November’s workout (monthly challenges will be starting soon), here is my current at home workout routine that you should give a go next time you have a few minutes to spare or are binge watching Criminal Minds like me.

All you need is a resistance band, not even any dumbbells!

And, yes, I promise it burns.

November Work.png

Repeat three times.

For the first four, the resistance band should be around your thighs. For the final four, mid-calf.

You can either do the entire circuit and repeat two more times or do each exercise for three sets before moving on.

Now, I would normally include links or descriptions on how to do each but you probably already know how to do some of these AND I secretly want to start a conversation here. So this is what were going to do…

Comment below if:
  1. You have any questions on how to do to exercises above and I’d be happy better explain.
  2. You have any more at home glute exercises we should try!
  3. You’ve tried a hip circle! I’m thinking about buying the one from Slingshot. I hear they KILLLL.



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