Apple Pie Smoothie (Healthy & Simple)

I’ve decided smoothies are going to become a thing here on Strong Hungry Girl. Because, well, I drink them. Quite often, in fact! I’m not sure if it is going to be a seasonal thing or a monthly thing or what and I shouldn’t try to name it accordingly because whenever I do, I jinx myself and I don’t stick to it.

All I know is I have two smoothies in mind to post over the next couple of months. One will be more wintery and the other is, well, you read the title. You can guess where I’m going with today’s recipe 🙂


Before I get on with today’s smoothie, I wanted to see if any readers out there are smoothie drinkers too? And if so, what are your go-to smoothies?

For me, on an average day I tend to use a little protein powder, sometimes some chia seeds of sorts, spinach and/or baby kale, and a good mix of frozen fruit (usually strawberries, blueberries, maybe raspberries or cherries). Frozen fruit works well for us as it (obviously) doesn’t go bad like the fresh stuff. I also love adding in a banana and in case you didn’t already know…grapes, while possibly lesser known in the smoothie realm, make a great addition! There’s something about them, I swear!

Today’s smoothie though is a lot more seasonal and a little less jam-packed with nutrients and protein than my usual morning smoothie. Still healthy nonetheless and certainly more yummy 😊


I decided we have probably all seen enough pumpkin pie smoothies or desserts by now…. not that I will be skimping on cooking with pumpkin this fall- you’ll seeeee.

Instead, I went with pumpkin’s fall counterpart. The apple. More specifically, the apple pie.

No complicated pie crust recipe needed for this recipe though, let’s begin.



2 apples, cored & sliced (I recommend macintosh)

1.5 cups of low fat vanilla Greek yogurt

1/3 cup water

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/8 tsp ground ginger

1/8 tsp nutmeg

2 tsp brown sugar


Blend all ingredients together and enjoy! Easy enough, right?


Comment below with your go-to smoothie recipe! 

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