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Maryland Crab Cakes

When titling this blog post I wanted to say something like, “Perfect Maryland Crab Cakes” or “The Best Maryland Crab Cakes” or something to toot my own horn, but I had some restraint. In my eyes, these are definitely the best homemade crab cakes I have had, and I rarely think restaurant-made can beat homemade…… Continue reading Maryland Crab Cakes

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3 Easy Health Commitments I’m Making

As many of you might know, I recently had a baby! 2 months and counting and he’s wonderful! I’m finally getting into a groove with Baby Hunt Butt (I’m sure he’ll love that name) and ready to get back on track and be a bit more strict. On top of the new babe, I’ve also had… Continue reading 3 Easy Health Commitments I’m Making

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Stair Stepper HIIT Workout | WOW

My husband is away at a training for two weeks and I’m at home with the kiddos. Today, though, my mother-in-law offered to watch the baby this evening for a while so that I can “do whatever I want”. Whatever I want?! Should I drop him off only to come back home, take off my… Continue reading Stair Stepper HIIT Workout | WOW

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Old Bay Steak Fries w/ Old Bay Tartar Sauce

Truth be told, I had planned out a bunch of different recipes to post in the spring/summer months that I haven’t yet shared. I still have a bunch of awesome ones coming, but then suddenly it hit me. I’m from Maryland! And (as I said in my last post) a self-proclaimed crab aficionado. Why aren’t… Continue reading Old Bay Steak Fries w/ Old Bay Tartar Sauce

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Bro Day: Back & Bis (Workout of the Week)

Eek! I’ve been MIA! I was so proud of myself with being so consistent on the blog and social media, but ah… life. Everyone has stuff going on in their life though so I can’t really talk, but man has the shit been hitting the fan a lot 😛 Anyhoo, in the mean time I… Continue reading Bro Day: Back & Bis (Workout of the Week)

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Spring Minestrone Soup with Chicken Meatballs (Healthy, Hearty & Seasonal!)

It’s spring guys! Yeah, yeah, you know that already. But I mean, the weather is finally really telling me, “HELLOO, IT’S SPRING!!!!” And is it wrong to make soup in the spring? I know its more of a winter/fall thing, but I love soup. Always. So, hey, let’s make some soup! Instead of my hearty… Continue reading Spring Minestrone Soup with Chicken Meatballs (Healthy, Hearty & Seasonal!)

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Playground Workouts | Workout of the Week

Alright ladies! And gents? I hope it’s getting warmer where you are too. Here on the eastern shore, it is BEAUTIFUL. Although the weather is so fickle lately, it’ll probably snow tomorrow. Unfortunately, today I’m stuck inside, mostly. I can definitely go work from my porch where we have a new pretty pink potted plant… Continue reading Playground Workouts | Workout of the Week