3 Self Care Ideas (that help my stress level!)

Hello again! I was really hoping to get my Lasagna Zucchini Boat recipe up today, but truth be told…. I LOST all my notes on the recipe! I even made it twice more since then, so I could probably do it again by memory and rewrite it all, but I’m still not giving up hope…

Am I An Anxious Person?

Disclaimer: I hope this post doesn’t come off as whiney. I usually aim to create posts that a reader can get something out of, but today I just needed to use it as an outlet to try and understand WTF is going on! If you don’t like long, rambly personal posts, skip this one and check…

Inside My Makeup Bag | Vacation Time!

As you might know, I was recently on vacation. I’ve been home for about a week and I am getting ready to go off on another trip. This time to Dallas for business. Now, most people would be extremely excited about all of the traveling and old Sarah would have been too! 

My Take On The “20 Something, 20 Everything” Conundrum

Basically, this is an apology post for being MIA for what feels like forever, but is really only a week. So here is a little story to make it up to you. Soon after I graduated college, I also fell in love. Like completely fell in love to the point where we acted a bit crazy….