Want to Join A Modern Black Book?

Why should you join A Modern Black Book? Here at A Modern Shore Life we focus on delivering consistent and quality content to readers who are interested in beauty, health, and fitness. We strive to create a robust resource that not only encompasses our own knowledge and experience, but we understand that there are other extremely talented content creators that can bring more depth to A Modern Shore Life’s beauty, health, and fitness resources. Plus, it’s always awesome to support and help promote other content creators out there!

What are we looking for? Bloggers/vloggers/content creators of any sort that are knowledgeable (either from education or personal experience) in the beauty, health and fitness world. A high number of followers/readers is a perk, but it is not a requirement as there are many undiscovered content creators out there. To us, it is most important that we are promoting those that deliver consistentquality, and relevant content that our readers would enjoy and find helpful. We love to see members active on other social media platforms as well as professional and appealing websites. In addition, we require AMBB members to uphold ethical and moral business practices (see below for more information).

Okay, but what about pricing? For a 6 month listing, you pay $30. For 1 year, just $55! A typical listing includes a small photo, logo, or ad of your choice, a link to your content, and symbols denoting your areas of expertise. For an additional $10 you earn a premier listing at the top of AMBB and can include 1-2 sentences about yourself. Submit your application and I will let you know how to make your payment!

Consistency, Quality, Relevancy. Does this sound like you?

If so, click here to apply!

*Please note that we also require all members of A Modern Black Book to comply with our ethical/moral standards. This basically means, be a good person. If not? We don’t want to promote your content. If we find out that anyone on AMBB is taking part in cyber bullying, body shaming, unethical business practices, advocating inequality of any kind (sexuality, race, gender, etc.), or participating in any activity that we deem unethical, we will revoke their membership immediately without refund*

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